. It is always good to be prepared with any documentation that may be required. According to Amazon’s Pay to Quit policy, if you are a warehouse employee, you will only receive a $2000–$5000 compensation for quitting. Welcome to /r/Amazon. I just quit.

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I left Amazon several years ago after having a really bad manager.

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Welcome to /r/Amazon.

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My only advice is wait at least a year or more to apply to work for them again. Brands Feature Tips.

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5 billion Reddit comments. If someone was terminated from amazon. . . No, its not really clear how you get blacklisted from amazon, seems you need to get fired for something kinda major. Amazon Rehire blacklist - Blind. .

However, you will not be able to get a job at Amazon again.

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They hunted down my info and figured out my identity, showed it to me in a surprise meeting and fired me).

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Most voluntary terminations (resignations) are flagged as “eligible for rehire” unless you were on a PIP or other HR action.

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Speak with your previous manager to find out if you're on the company's do not rehire list.

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With blacklist you can filter by certain digits within the number so I just blocked those first 3 digits entirely and it blocked everything,.

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This includes a program that allows former employees to get rehired and offers several benefits.

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