Jul 14, 2021 · Daniel Pipes. NAIROBI, Kenya — A former Islamic teacher remains hospitalized after Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda beat him unconscious for converting to Christianity, sources said. You do NOT have to convert to Islam. –CRNELIO SABADO, ADAM, PHILIPPINE.

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If you keep praying to Allah for your friend to become Muslim. A group of Muslim protesters disrupted a Bollywood film screening on Friday because the production apparently destroys “religious harmony,” as the piece appears to depict an Indian state that serves as a center for Islamic terrorism and forced conversions, per The Times.

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The following is a collection of enlightening, and inspiring stories of converts to Islam.

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Also Anglicans, Catholics, Presbyterians and Methodists who converted. . . learnreligions. However, you will have to raise your children, if you have any, as Muslims. .

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"After a heated discussion, complaints, and accusations of us converting Muslims, they poured petrol into the charcoal.

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Conversion of Hijri A.

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I'm a pretty typical European woman who was born into a non-practicing Christian family and lived all her life in the Western world.

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