Docker is a powerful tool that can allow you to host and run apps easily on your servers. Install and Configure Software. Debian Package Management. Build a full-featured home server or NAS replacement with an Ubuntu box and this playbook.

Docker homelab projects

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This one runs on a RAID 5 providing 3 TB of Storage.

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This is how I configure docker for my home lab. Build a small, containerized homelab with the Docker Engine.

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Join us next month at GrafanaCON 2023, our biggest community event of the year, to explore homelab projects and creative use cases for Grafana.

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Includes: Learning Docker, Docker Compose; Self-Hosting for Privacy, such as: BitWarden, PiHole, Unbound,. Published at May 17, 2023 by nuralem # go. Subgroups and projects. Issues. . Promox VE Proxmox VE is an open-source server management platform for your.

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Really, well done.

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Any time Docker Compose is run after, Docker will apply whatever state is specified in the compose file, even if it requires recreating the container.

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Install and Configure Homelab Services and Applications.

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