8 years and 4 seasons later! Glenn is always mentioned every season. ). . . Warning: This story contains spoilers.

Does glenn die in the silence spoilers

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Having been in the show from the very first episode, he was the last person expected to meet his end.

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. . . Agitated, Stanley Tucci's character, Hugh, tries to silence the dog, to no avail. Oct 25, 2016 · A new side by side comparsion shows just how closely The Walking Dead on AMC followed Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's work on the pages. ). .

However, it is worth noting that Steven Yuen, the actor who plays Glenn in the series, was not featured on "The Talking Dead" right after.

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After a rant justifying why he can't make a decision on who to kill, he played "eenie meenie miney moe," to select a victim, and landed on Glenn.

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An injured Glenn is.

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About 2/3 into the episode the scene with Glenn and Nicholas goes down exactly how we stated yesterday! Trapped on top of the dumpster Nicholas.

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In the comics, Negan.

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