. Thanur the goddess of birth, Tivr (aka Tiur) was the goddess of the Moon, Usil the Sun god, and Uni was perhaps the queen of the gods and most important goddess. bronze appliqué depicting the Etruscan Sun God Usil. .

Etruscan sun god

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“This bronze appliqué that probably decorated an Etruscan chariot or funeral cart is of exceptional quality, representing the peak period of an artistic milieu in which Greek and Italic aesthetics merged to create a distinctively Etruscan style,” says.

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An Etruscan tomb fresco.

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LOS ANGELES, CA. Aita, the god of the Underworld.

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. Appliques depicting the god usually depict the deity with spread wings and a nimbus of rays surrounding his head. Pliny the Elder (23–79 C. bronze appliqué depicting the Etruscan Sun God Usil. . He was identified with the Greek god Zeus and the Roman god Jupiter.

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Helios ( / ˈhiːliəs, - ɒs /; Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος pronounced [hɛ̌ːlios], lit.

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Usil: Sun god, equivalent of the Greek Helios.

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Mawu, Dahomey goddess associated with the Sun and the Moon.

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APLU (Apollo) is the most Greek of the pantheon and turns up in many places as an auxiliary character, standing at the side.

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