The goal is to drop into Al Mazrah, loot and stock up on items, and then get out. DMZ is Warzone 2. You get one life in this mode. .

Final exfil locations dmz

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Survive the trip there, defend the area, and get out.

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What are the Tasks in Exfil Tracking Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ? Find. Not every Operator will be completing the same tasks.

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. . 0 works. . For this challenge, you need to extract from the DMZ via the final exfil that arrives after the radiation zone has engulfed all the marked exfil points on the map. I did it across many many tries.

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Today we had a final exfil location in the sandstorm and two teams fighting at it.

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Season 1 was in one infil but this can be split into multiple runs.

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It features player spawns and exfil locations, which are essential for players to navigate and plan their time in Al Mazrah.

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It is a part of the Exfil Tracking mission, one of the final missions for the new Crown faction.

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