Cut off a chunk of 35mm film. Next, torque in the top triple tree bolts. Do not use a power washer or spray water upwards into the seals. Your bike’s fork seals are made up of two seals, the Oil Seal, and the Dust Seal. Step 5: Replacement of defective seals.

How to clean fork seals

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Step 4: Opening the lower fork screw.

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In this episode, our Lead Tech, Red, explains how to properly clean a fork seal using the Seal Doctor.

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. How to Clean Fork Seals Step 1: Remove the Fork Guards to Access Leaking Fork Seals.

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The other is a neat little tool that allows you to pop the seals and clean under.

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Step 2: Slide the Dust Seal Down the Fork Leg to Clean Fork. . I’d recommend doing this regularly as a routine maintenance check. With one cloth wipe around the seals gently and up and down the stanchions, this will get any little bits of muck left over. . To do this, clean the forks with a soft cloth. Dec 1, 2022 · Step #1.

Before you begin this step, take note of the shape of the Seal Mate tool.

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Rub oil on the inner part of the new seal.

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However, I found one unique video of a guy popping his dust cover off,.

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Tools you will need.

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Both fork seals wear out differently.

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