Addressing an envelope to a family can be as simple as writing "The Smith Family" as the address's top line. If married, use titles followed by husband’s first and last name: Mr. . would also use her husband's full name, including the suffix.

How to write husband and wife name on envelope

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It becomes a bit more complicated when you have names ending in the letters S, SH, CH, X, or Z.

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and Mrs.

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If a married couple has different last names, the envelope should be addressed to "Mr. .

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Use the title “The Mesdames” for two women and the title “The Mssrs.

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If the recipient is married, the husband’s rank and name should precede his wife’s. For example, “Ms. . Whether they're living together or not, address the female guest first. 2. If they have different last names, then differentiate them on the envelope: "The Reverend Dr.

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A wife who uses the title Mrs.

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Robert Belcher and Mrs.

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Robert Belcher.

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After the recipient's full name and on the same line if possible, add their.

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