Swift Rapier (5e Equipment) Weapon ( rapier ), legendary (requires attunement) This magical weapon has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Martial weapons, including swords, axes, and polearms, require more specialized training to use effectively. Home. .

Rapier 5e tools

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Magic Rapier, +1 [Piercing].

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Any Concept / Any System. .

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Items. Apr 4, 2022 · Race. The weapon magically awakens you and your companions. . Classification:Martial Melee Weapons. Ardent, avengers, barbarians, battleminds, fighters, paladin and rangers are proficient.

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Weapon (rapier), rare.

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Ardent, avengers, barbarians, battle minds, fighters, paladin and rangers are proficient with all the military melee weapons, including the rapier.

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