First off, let's create a directory for our project, enter it, and create a project with the default settings: $ mkdir notes-app $ cd notes-app $ npm init -y. T2 I've made 2 sequelize instances for each database. define(‘address. . See sample code below.

Sequelize multiple databases

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New databases versus existing databases.

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Here we declared two databases — The Postgres.

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Migration and seeding work except for this. log (result.

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A model in Sequelize has a name.

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. logging option can be used to customize this behavior, by defining the function that. Sequelize is an Object Relational Mapper for Node. Observe that, in the examples above, Sequelize refers to the library itself while sequelize refers to an instance of Sequelize, which represents a connection to one database. . I am unsure however, if this will work for multiple databases if they are each different (SQLite, Postgres, MySQL), as a question though. .

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The model tells Sequelize several things.

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I changed my Sequelize model’s name look like const Addresse = sequelize.

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env are named correctly, no typos.

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It contains the username, password, the host name, database port and database name.

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