. S waves cannot. . These waves move only through rock. There are two types of seismic waves: P-waves,.

Types of seismic waves

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P waves may be transmitted through gases, liquids, or solids.

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(The types and nature of these waves are described in the section Seismic waves.

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Seismic waves can either be body waves or surface waves -- but the full story is far more complex. Here we exaggerate the motion by bouncing a building to show what sensitive instruments record as seismic waves arrive at the station.

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2 days ago · Earthquakes and Seismic Waves.

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The two types of body waves are P-waves (for primary) and S-waves (for secondary). P waves can travel through. These waves are of two major types: 1. Large strain energy released during an earthquake as seismic waves travels in all directions through layers of the Earth, reflecting and refracting at each interface. . . .

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And we're going to focus on one more than the other.

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Combinations, reflections,.

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P waves can travel through.

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It can result from an earthquake (or generally, a quake ), volcanic eruption , magma movement, a large landslide , and a large man-made explosion that produces low-frequency acoustic energy.

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