. . In addition to being an act of peace and forgiveness, and an example for us to follow, this case also symbolizes Jesus’ treatment of people who have disabilities, people who are injured in the line of duty,. .

Why did jesus heal people

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There’s this episode in Mark’s gospel which is particularly puzzling. .

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Most of the healings were immediate, but there was a time when there seemed to be more of a gradual process ( Mark 8:22-26 ).

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. During His ministry, Jesus healed many who came to Him – and you are right: Sometimes He warned them not to tell others about it (although they often did anyway – see Mark 7:36). God’s fullest self-revelation as Savior came in. . The people wanted miracles and blessings, but when those dried up, followers faded away. .

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Healing Eucharist Mass | Teleradyo (21 May 2023).

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Nothing is beyond his power, so it is right to hope and pray for healing.

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I don’t fully know why God restores some people to health but doesn’t do it for others.

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